It was announced earlier today that Floyd Mayweather will soon start training for MMA and we can only assume this means the next step is a match with Conor McGregor. ESPN reports that Mayweather will be training with UFC champion Tyron Woodley. Mayweather retired from boxing last summer after his win against Conor but it was pretty obvious to everyone that he wasn't done fighting despite being over 40 years old.

Floyd said in an interview that his boxing is a 10/10 and soon his wrestling will be 9/10 leaving his kicking his main concern to work on. Not sure how he basing this scale but I'm sure these comments will raise a few eyebrows around the UFC.

As of now no fights involving Floyd have been set but sources close to him say he thinks he will need 6-9 months to prepare for his first fight... Oh and he thinks he could make $1 Billion from a UFC deal!

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