If you live in Louisiana you are eventually going to come face to face with a snake. In my case that face to face meeting is only a split second then the snake will be forced to look at my rapidly retreating rear end heading the other way.

I don't like snakes. Captain Ron Price, a fishing and charter captain out of Venice Louisiana doesn't care for them either. However, you'd be hard pressed to tell what the good captain disliked more, snakes or FEMA.

Based on what I read in reporter Todd Masson's story about Captain Price on NOLA.com I would be inclined to believe Captain Ron actually has more respect for the snakes. In fact, he seems to be holding FEMA accountable for a recent encounter his son in law had with a 6-foot rattlesnake.

Captain Price says that debris left behind on his property by FEMA in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, yeah the storm from over 10 years ago, has become a haven for snakes. His son in law was clearing some of that debris when he had this latest close encounter.

So, let that be a reminder to you if you're clearing debris from the recent flooding or just clearing debris on your land. Snakes love those kinds of habitats. Some of them can be venomous and put you or your family at risk for injury or death. Or, I guess you could call Captain Ron and his son in law. It might take them a while to get to your place from Venice but I bet they'd still show up faster than FEMA would.

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