I got this idea from on a friend's post on Facebook and thought it would be fun to play the radio version of 'Fill in the Blank' and the results are hilarious!

We all know that Louisiana is a unique place to live, but the answers to this fill in the blank question prove it.

I kicked things off with... If you're from a county, not a parish, you probably put tomatoes in your gumbo! Boo hiss, right!?! Here are some of our favorites!

  • You probably don't know how to pronounce Bossier - Maggie Gilcrease
  • You probably think New Orleans is the entire state of Louisiana - Trey Thames
  • You don't know the meaning of SWEET tea - Tiffany Douglas
  • Bless your heart - Debi Pullig
  • You might be married to your cousin - Steven Lewis
  • You're banned from Mardi Gras - Nicole Plunkett
  • You probably call mudbugs 'crayfish' - Sinjin Britt
  • You probably don't know alligators can run your ass down - Sinjin Britt
  • You will try the boil made by someone who's name ends in an 'X' aka Thibodeaux... who says, 'That's my momma's recipe and it ain't hot,' as your eyes water - Jeff Roberts
  • You know what salsa should taste like - Meagan Henry
  • You probably think salt and pepper are spicy - Cathy Williams
  • You ain't in Louisiana - Stephanie Stuart
  • You're not under Napoleonic Laws - Molly Netterville
  • You probably all think we talk like the Waterboy - John David Hebert
  • You drink pop, not Coke - Martha Belchic-Loeb
  • You might be a Yankee - Kathleen Calhoun
  • You don't know the difference between a 'pee-can' and a 'pah-con' - Maggie Mathis
  • Do not try and serve me gumbo - Eddie Horton
  • You probably don't know how to cook or eat crawfish - Shelley Stewart
  • You say 'you guys,' not 'y'all!' -  Holly Cook

Keep the great answers coming! We're loving it! (P.S. Give me a follow, too!)

Happy Thursday! Fill in the blank. If you’re from a county, not a parish __________ ! You may just hear your answer on air!

Posted by Erin Bristol on Thursday, May 28, 2020

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