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A shooting this weekend in Arkansas has national attention on it, because one of the victims has a well known daughter.

The shooting took place at an apartment complex in Little Rock early Saturday morning. When 49-year-old Ronald Dunlap forced his way into an apartment, he was shot several times by the occupant. According to reports from KARK, family members say that Dunlap thought the apartment he was shot inside was his own.

Dunlap is the father of Cassadee Dunlap, one of the stars of the Emmy Award winning reality TV show Cheer.

The resident in the apartment who shot Dunlap, Joshua Womack, spoke with KARK-TV. During their interview, he told them that he was asleep around 3am when he heard a knock on his door. Which then became a serious situation, that resulted in the shooting. Womack told the TV station:

“I heard a big, loud thud through the front door,” Womack said. “The door was actually knocked off the hinges. With that, he ended up bum-rushing it. It wasn’t like an accidental walk-in.”

Dunlap was shot several times inside the apartment. His family told KARK that he is in stable condition and is expected to survive. In the meantime, Womack is staying at a different location while the investigation continues. No one else was injured in the shooting.

TMZ reports that Police in Little Rock believe that Dunlap was intoxicated when he forced his way into Womack's apartment. They report he was shot 5-6 times.

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