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Whenever you think of Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner and an ex-wife, most people think of Kris Jenner, but he has another ex-wife named Linda Thompson and she’s releasing her memoir about her great loves in August… On a side note, Linda used to ‘google’ Elvis and was married to Grammy Award winning producer David Foster. How’s that for a track record?

I know Gary was one of an entire generation of boys who drooled over the original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter… and he’s going to get the chance to do it again when Lynda plays the role of the president on Supergirl.

My husband is a huge Game of Thrones fan and he’s one of many! Because of the popularity of the show, the major players are getting a $500,000 per episode salary bump for both seasons 7 and 8!

We’ve heard of people doing some crazy stuff and not remembering it while taking Ambien, but have you ever loaned out your private jet and forgot about it? Apparently a few years ago, Kenny Chesney let Zac Brown borrow his jet to fly to a show and when Zac called to thank Kenny, he had totally forgotten. Yep, that’s Ambien for you!

Celebrity Birthdays June 22:
Meryl Streep 67
Cyndi Lauper 63
Carson Daly 43
Kurt Warner 45
Kris Kristofferson 80

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