Six days a week Gary and Bristol get up early to bring you the latest from Nashville, New York City and Hollywood with Entertainment this Morning.

It’s official. Donald Trump is running for president. His slogan is ‘Make America Great Again.’ His speech was boastful and a little silly at times with statements like, “I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created. I tell you that.”

News update… I can’t believe I’m actually reporting on this, but apparently new father Simon Cowell has now actually changed a diaper... or nappy as they say in England.

Taylor Swift has apparently relaxed her rule about showing her belly button which created a whole slew of memes… on featuring Danny Devito crawling out of it!

A new trailer is out for an animated (duh) Peanuts movie… and if you’re a fan of the original, iconic Peanuts music, you’re not going to hear it. The trailer includes music from The Who and DJ Khaled.

You know last week we were talking about Shark Week and how we should have a ‘Cougar Week’ because it’s just not fair to have one without the other? Apparently this guy Eli Roth is going to be hosting a late night show on Discovery during Shark Week called Shark After Dark. Cougars After Dark would have better ratings. Just saying…

Finally, if you go see the Zac Brown Band, you won’t see anyone drunk on stage. Why? Because Zac laid down the law seven years ago. He says, ‘no one wants to lay down money on a concert ticket to see someone half drunk’ and I’d have to agree! Money is tight for pretty much everyone these days!

Celebrity Birthdays June 17:
Sadie Robertson 18
Kendrick Lamar 28
Venus Williams 35
Paulina Rubio 44
Barry Manilow 72
Greg Kinnear 52
Newt Gingrich 72
Jason Patric 49

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