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We lost another Hollywood legend yesterday with the passing of Abe Vigoda at 94-years-old. Abe is best known for his roles on Barney Miller and The Godfather.

Oprah Winfrey has some serious power. She
posted a video to Twitter talking about how with
Weight Watchers she’s losing weight and she gets to eat bread everyday. So many people saw it that it
caused Weight Watchers stock to soar 16% in just one hour. I think it’s important to add that Oprah has a vested financial interest in the company as one of it’s owners… and when the stock price jumped, she became

Carrie Underwood already looks fit, but apparently she wants to enter beast mode! She posted a pic of the
mobile gym she’s taking on tour with her and it includes an elliptical, a full set of dumbbells and what looks like a Universal machine. She captioned the photo, "My new motto is 'Shredded By Summer.'  I'll post progress as I go."

Robin Williams’ originally listed his Napa estate for $35 million in 2012… It’s finally sold for a song at $18.1 million. I thought things tended to go up in price posthumously?!?!?

Get in line ladies! Behind his wife, I’ve got consoling him covered. Talking about poor Channing TatumHis goat died! Which reminds me… my husband really wants a fainting goat. Wouldn’t that be the coolest pet ever?!?!

I didn’t realize this, but Celebrity Apprentice is continuing sans Donald Trump. Apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking it over and Vince Neil from Motley Crue is the first celebrity to sign up… I think it’s a given that we won’t be able to understand a word they say!

Wynonna Judd is back! She and her new band Wynonna & The Big Noise have an album coming out February 12th!

Celebrity Birthdays January 27:
Alan Cumming 51
Patton Oswalt 47
Mimi Rogers 60