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Uh oh! We knew Usain Bolt was fast but we thought that was just running. A Brazilian woman is ashamed that pictures of her night with Bolt ended up in the tabloids… especially because Usain has had a steady girlfriend for two years.

Things aren’t going so well for swimmer Ryan Lochte. After his ‘incident’ in Rio, he’s already lost Speedo and Ralph Lauren as sponsors.

Thank you Britney! Spears is working with the Red Cross to help flood victims here in Louisiana which is good news because experts are saying it’s going to take at least a year to recover. As it is, we have people locally who still aren’t back in their homes from the flooding here this spring.

It’s not just you! Jason Aldean says he has a hard time getting his daughters off the couch and outside, too!

Celebrity Birthdays August 23:
Kobe Bryant 38
Scott Caan 40
Rick Springfield 67

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