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This is unexpected, especially considering how ugly their fighting got. I remember reading stories about their custody battles thinking they should keep that kind of rancor under wraps! Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez both filed for divorce last October but TMZ is saying Halle isn’t sure she wants the divorce anymore.

This is kind of twisted. Follow me here. Gavin Rossdale is Gwen Stefani’s ex. Gwen is now dating Blake Shelton. Elin Nordegren is Tiger Woods’ ex and now Gavin and Elin have gone out… at least on a first date. Us Weekly is saying their friends set them up and they hit it off.

After his escapades in Rio at the Olympics, Ryan Lochte has been suspended from swimming for 10 months and barred from competing in the 2017 World Championships… but he’s still on Dancing with the Stars, so that’s something.

The new ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ is out in a teaser from Dos Equis. As suspected, he’s younger and actually speaks Spanish. You should start seeing the ads next month.

Miranda Lambert’s video for Vice is out now and it opens with a car wreck scene with Miranda emerging which we think is a pretty obvious metaphor for her divorce. From there, she goes to town, hits a bar, lights up a smoke and takes a shot of whiskey. Throughout, she’s wearing a black dress like she’s in mourning, she even passes roadside crosses which strengthen the theme. Finally, she accepts a ride from a driverless black Cadillac…  and gets in the backseat. I haven’t figure that part out yet. What do you think?

Celebrity Birthdays September 8:
Pink 37
Bernie Sanders 75
Brooke Burke 45
David Arquette 45
Jonathon Taylor Thomas 35

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