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Remember when kids where sucking their lips into cups, bottles whatever not too long ago to sometimes disastrous results with the Kylie Jenner Challenge? Check this out. Kylie Jenner is supposedly copping to using temporary lip fillers in an upcoming epidsode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She says it’s, ‘an insecurity of hers and what she wanted to do.

This really isn’t ‘entertainment’ news, but it certainly is entertaining! Remember ‘DeflateGate?’ They’ve found that two team employees did try to ‘circumvent’ the rules. They say Tom Brady was ‘at least generally aware of it’ but that coach Bill Belichick wasn’t aware. Apparently, the NFL is considering punishing them.

This man can cook and he can sing and apparently, he can design jewelry as well! Zac Brown has a line of jewelry and it’s pricey! A sterling silver guitar pick pendant costs $1,499… Yep, but at least 20% of the proceeds will go to his Camp Southern Ground project which helps kids with developmental disorders.

I loved him in The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock! Talking about Tim McGraw who will not only be acting in, but executive producing a series called Robbers on TNT. It’s based on a novel of the same name (Robbers, Christopher Cook, 2000) and Tim is going to be a bad guy! He’s playing a drifter described as the ‘worst of the worst.’ There’s no word on when the show will debut.

Celebrity Birthdays May 7:
Alexander Ludwig 23
Traci Lords 47
Brecklin Meyer 41
Eagle Eye Cherry 46
Shawn Marion 37

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