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I’m so glad she’s taking steps to get back on the right path! I’ve been following Lindsay Lohan for years, I truly think she’s talented just misguided… and she’s finally worked off the final 115 hours of community service she had to do to have her probation lifted and she did it in just two short weeks. We’re hearing that her probation hearing is today and she could be free from being under probation for the first time in seven years!

A tabloid is saying that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are separated. I hope this isn’t true, because they have babies together. And do PR people really plan this stuff out? A source is saying they’re going to announce their divorce sometime before their 10th anniversary which is coming up June 29th. Ben does have the new Batman movie coming out. Coincidence?

Rumor has it, or at least a non factual tabloid is saying, that Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe become pregnant on the show. Apparently, that’s not the case.

Ian Gavan/Staff/Getty Images
Ian Gavan/Staff/Getty Images

You’ll be hard pressed in this day and age to find a dad that doesn’t do it all, but apparently Simon Cowell isn’t a modern man! His son is now 15-months-old and he still hasn’t changed a diaper, or a nappy since he’s British! He says he likes being a dad though and that he and his girlfriend, you know former wife of his best friend Lauren Silverman, are hoping to have another kid and this time they’d like a girl.

There’s been a lot of discussion in Nashville lately about artists from other genres trying to make their way into country music, namely Steven Tyler and Bret Michaels, but Brad Paisley is okay with it as long as they’re sincere.

Paisley said, "If anybody wants to be in country, we'll welcome them with open arms and a fair amount of skepticism." I think that’s fair! He (Paisley) points out Darius Rucker, who was formerly Hootie of Hootie and the Blowfish, as an artist who did it right when he made the switch to country.

Miranda Lambert dogs
Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Miranda Lambert is a well known animal lover and it’s been said she’s never met a dog she didn’t like. Well, her love of God’s creatures great and small does have some limitations. She doesn’t do snakes and I don’t blame her!

Celebrity Birthdays May 28:
Jep Robertson 37
Kylie Minogue 47
Colbie Caillat 30
Gladys Knight 71
Rob Ford 46
Marco Rubio 44
Elisabeth Hasselbeck 38

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