Some chick named Michele Fitzgerald won Survivor last night but that’s not the real story. The real story is that one of the other cast members was given $100K for saving the life of a chicken… $50K for him and $50K for the charity of his choice. I’m sorry, but I thought one of the goals on Survivor was eating… That chicken would have been a goner if I was on the show.

Word is that Ozzy Osbourne doesn’t know what he would do without Sharon in his life, which I totally 100% agree with! Word is that he’s dumped his stylist girlfriend Michelle Pugh whom sources say he dated for over six months.

How cool is this?!?! The Zac Brown Band are getting their own exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame. It’ll open July 22nd and run for a year.

Celebrity Birthdays May 19:
Kim Zolciak 38
Grace Jones 68
Peter Mayhew 72
Archie Manning 67

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