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Maybe it wasn’t the nanny! OK! is saying that Ben Affleck and Charlize Theron are hooking up on the down low. Apparently they first met in 2000 on the set of Reindeer Games, but they weren’t single at that point. Word is they bumped into each and rekindled their ‘romance’ at a post-Oscar soiree this year.

This falls under the what the… category! The openly weed toking Whoopi Goldberg is working on launching a line medical marijuana products designed for women… to help with menstrual cramps!

New mother Jana Kramer says her two-month-old daughter Jolie Rae has changed her life… and her personal hygiene. She says, "I don't wear anything nice anymore, I have spit-up on me constantly, I haven't showered in three days, and I'm not quite sure when I brushed my teeth last." 

Happy Easter! Hope everyone is having an amazing day! #blessed #JolieRae #burpcloth

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Carrie Underwood has a contraption for her tour bus called a ‘DeskCycle’ and I want one! It sits under the table and lets her exercise when she’s on the road and can’t get to the gym. I definitely need one for the studio, especially if it’ll help you get legs like hers! We can’t wait to see Carrie when she’s in town April 22nd, and rest assured, we have more tickets headed your way soon!

Celebrity Birthdays March 31:
Ewan McGregor 45
Christopher Walken 73

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