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This little girl just needs to be slapped. Keep in mind, she’s a pop artist from Floridaand her brother Frankie is a performer as well, but you probably know him from Big Brother 16. I’m talking about Ariana Grande and she’s crawfishing all over the place after some seriously questionable actions that were caught on tape on the 4th of July… licking donuts she didn’t buy in a store (yuck) and commenting that she hates both America and Americans. Maybe I’m extra sensitive because I’m an Air Force brat and we live right by one of the biggest bases in the world but she has plain ticked me off and she’s trying to say she made the comment with regard to America’s obesity crisis. Sure you did Ariana… You were the one in the donut shop!

Apparently, there’s a bronze bust of Bill Cosby at Walt Disney World. Or better yet, there was. It was removed from the park for obvious reasons. FYI, talent agency CAA has dumped Cosby as well.

Donald Trump says he believes Mexican Americans will support him at the polls.

Us Weekly is saying Jennifer Garner kicked Ben Affleck to curb for cheating on her. People is saying the same thing, they just aren’t going as far… they say he hasn’t been as committed to the marriage for the last few years. Ben is denying it all of course.

Life & Style is saying that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux tied the knot in a secret service earlier this summer. There were supposedly a bunch of A-list guests who were sworn to secrecy.

Star magazine is saying Caitlyn Jenner is in love with a busty 44-year-old transgendered actress called Candis CayneCandis Cayne… As in, Candy Cane!!! Apparently they were all over each other while shopping in New York and Kris Jenner is jealous. Yeah, jealous because she lost her shoe shopping partner!

Dustin Lynch says he’s looking forward to his next ten years and says, "I still want to be excited to write songs and make music and perform and in 10 years I'll be a lot wiser, I know that." Dustin will be at the Stage at Silverstar inBossier City tomorrow night and we’ve got a VIP package we’ll be giving away tomorrow morning. Make sure you’re listening!

Celebrity Birthdays July 9:
Tom Hanks 59
OJ Simpson 68
Courtney Love 51
Jack White 40
Kevin Nash 56
Fred Savage 39
Reed Kessler 21
John Tesh 63

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