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Us Weekly is reporting, shall we say, an indiscretion on Ben Affleck’s part is what lead to the break up of Bennifer… Get ready for shades of Jude Law/Sienna Miller here because they’re saying that Ben is dating a 28-year-old woman that started out as a nanny for his kids… Word is they got intimate while Ben and Jennifer Garner were separated and that Jen fired her when she found out. Ben’s people are denying the claims and are even saying he might sue the magazine.

Word has it that the NFL was willing to reduce Tom Brady’s four-game suspension by as much as half if he would have only admitted to knowing about deflategate. Instead, Brady made a Facebook post proclaiming his innocence and filed suit against the league.

Who’s banking in country music? Leave it to Forbes to make a list! According to their website this year’s list of Country Cash Kings is topped by Garth Brooks who made an estimated $90 million from June 2014 to June 2015… Toby Keith came in second with a paltry $53 million!