Do I have your permission to make you uncomfortable? Okay, good. If you're a sports fan and you admire Tom Brady and or Aaron Rodgers then that's all I need to know about you.

Sure, both of those guys are incredible football players. Which is great as long as that's what your objective in life is all about. But when it comes to being "a man" I wouldn't put either of these two guys at the top of my list for "potential role models for aspiring young people".

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Aaron Rodgers has already proven that he's not about telling the truth and is all about deception, which is why he makes a perfect pitchman for an insurance company. Tom Brady has shown that he is just a spoiled brat a.k.a.a Michigan graduate who expects the rules of the game to be changed to meet his needs.

I don't wish either of these gentlemen ill will but I do wish Cris Collinsworth would stop trying to date Aaron anytime the Packers play on TV and I think ESPN, the entire network, wants to have Tom Brady's, next baby.

But I digress.

But you might recall from this past Sunday night this incident where Tantrum Tom got his knickers in a knot because some mean old Saints player picked off one of his passes and the referees did not step in to do anything about it. Here's how the toddler handled the issue. And as a bonus, we've got Aaron tossing his tablet too.

Saints player C J Gardner-Johnson took exception to Tom Brady's tossing of official NFL property and he launched the loveable and laughable response.

See how generous Saints players can be? Well, you probably noticed that Ceedy Duce tweeted at Microsoft, the folks who make the tablets that Need-a-Naptime Tommy tossed. Here's what they had to say.

Kudos to you Microsoft. You could have gone all corporate and issued a strongly worded letter on the incident but you took the high road. Now, if you could just teach Toddler Tom or A**Hole Aaron a little self-control then maybe the world and the NFL would be a happier place.

Maybe Ceedy Duce could choose something off of this list to send to Tommy and Aaron, after all, we want their Christmas to be happy and bright and full of WHO DAT in their football socks.

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