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Do you remember the days when video games were considered a waste of time?  Does "get your real work done first, then you can jump online with your friends and have fun," sound familiar?  Obviously now, some of that has been dispelled by the sheer amount of money someone can make in the game industry.  That is making, marketing, and even playing these "wastes of time," professionally.

Not only can you do it for a living - that living can be very comfortable.  PayScale puts the average game designer salary at $65,000 per year (presumably with sweet benefits like all the video games you can play).  With that little nugget of information out in the open, maybe you can see why I was so excited to hear about XBOX's search in Louisiana for game designers.

Microsoft's XBOX Game Studios is accepting applications from Louisiana residents for an online game development camp.  According to KLFY, the studio show runners are looking for talented individuals with any degree of skill in animation, music, marketing managing, programming, and more!  The best part of this amazing opportunity is that it's free!

Along with this free camp, those enrolled will get access to all of the necessary video conferencing software and game development tools for free as well.  You must be 18 or older, and you must have a strong desire to create.  Who knows, you could be the next person to waste their time in to a multi-million dollar title and a new future as a game creator!

Registration is open until August 14th, those selected for the program will be notified by August 28th via email.  You can download the application here.

Games created by game campers will be shown and shared with other campers and industry insiders when the camp concludes in February of 2021.

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