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I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t see any TV without my DVR. Much like you, I live my life on the run and there’s nothing worse than spoilers before you’ve had the chance to catch up. Well guess what? There’s an app for that! Google just got a patent for ‘anti-spoiler’ software. Of course, we don’t know when this will see the light of day, if ever.

From True Blood, to Magic Mike to Spider-Man to Pee Wee’s Big Holiday? Yep! Joe Manganiello is really testing out his acting chops! He’s in the new Pee Wee Herman movie and apparently there’s a scene where they’re riding a motorcycle together. I can imagine it's pretty awkward... and mildly amusing.

How wild is this? I don’t know a soul who hasn’t been sucked in by a Golden Girls episode. I love me some Betty White and it turns out she and the cast of The Golden Girls are possibly getting a Lego set made in their likenesses. I can’t help but wonder if Blanche’s Lego might be more flexible than the others!

Kristian Bush from the band Sugarland made her first public statements since their stage collapse in 2011 to Rolling Stone Magazine. According to him, he was under orders to be quiet and he felt terrible about not being able to reach out to any of the families involved. He also admitted he got divorced a couple of months later.

He might as well just say you should get your man card taken away! Talking about Tyler Farr… He says it’s okay for girls to take selfies but men should get ‘subtracted one manhood point’ for every one they take. Of course, he’s cool with taking selfies with fans because that’s different.

Fan voting is open now for both the ACM Entertainer of the Year and New Artist of the Year. Who’s up for each? We’ve got you covered!

Entertainer of the Year                  New Artist nominees
Luke Bryan                                         Cole Swindell
Florida Georgia Line                          Sam Hunt
Jason Aldean                                     Thomas Rhett
Garth Brooks
Miranda Lambert

Vote for your favorites here!

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Celebrity Birthdays Thursday, April 9:
Kristen Stewart 25
Gerard Way 38
Jesse McCartney 28
Leighton Meester 29
Hugh Hefner 89
Jenna Jameson 41
Dennis Quaid 61
Cynthia Nixon 49
Marc Jacobs 52

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