Today Should Have Been a Day that We Were All Celebrating the Great Betty White's 100th Birthday.

January 17th would mark one of America's golden girls birthdays. It was such a big deal that many people had planned to watch the film, "Betty White: 100 Years Young", which will play at select theaters today, January 17, 2021.

Producers still plan to play the film and this is such a great way to celebrate the life that Betty White lived. However many people in the community have come up with their own unique way to celebrate the animal lover.

Brian To , Stringer, Getty Images
Brian To , Stringer, Getty Images

Did You Know That Betty White Was Obsessed With Animals?

Because of her obsession, there has been an idea tossed around the internet and it looks like a lot of people want in on this.

January 17th is Unnoficially Betty White Day

Okay, who cares that it isn't official or anything. We don't need a declaration from a governor or mayor to make it happen. How do celebrate Betty White Day?

Donate to a Local Animal Shelter or Animal Rescue in Betty White's Name

Several Betty White fans want to donate to a cause that Betty was passionate about. Betty White's love for all animals knew no bounds and she was always jumping in on projects that helped animal shelters and animal rescues.

How Can We Honor Betty White in Shreveport-Bossier?

Pick a local animal rescue group or an animal shelter and donate on January 17th, many people plan to donate $100 since Betty White was supposed to turn 100. However, whatever you can donate whether it's a bag of cat or dog food or a $5 bill it will go a long way.

Here Is a List of Local Animal Shelters and Rescues That Can Use Our Donations:

Bossier City Animal Control

Ninna's Road to Rescue

Port City Cat Rescue

Humane Society of North Louisiana 

 Shreveport Bossier Animal Rescue

Pet Savers Animal Shelter

Saved by Grace Animal Rescue

Robinson's Rescue

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