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There’s a new reality singing show that NBC is developing called The Stream and there won’t be any judges… The contestants’ success or failure will be dependent upon how they do online.

Willie Nelson says Donald Trump should have remembered he was wearing a mic when he made the comments that he did about women to Billy Bush. Willie admits that he loves telling a good dirty joke, he just doesn’t do it with mics around!

Back in the day, before he performed on stage for the CMAs, Dierks Bentley worked them as an intern. One of his fondest memories was from when he escorted Shania Twain and her bare midriff from the stage to her bus.

Celebrity Birthdays October 15:
Emeril Lagasse 57
Vanessa Marcil 48

Celebrity Birthdays October 16:
John Mayer 39
Angela Lansbury 91
Suzanne Somers 70

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