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Wow! Apparently there’s an age limit on Sesame Street! No more ‘sunny days’ are in store for Bob, Luis and Gordon, all human characters on the show who’ve been ‘sweeping the clouds away’ for over 40 years. Word is they’ve been let go in favor of younger characters. Ageist bastards!

Blake Sheltonhow Donald Trump speaks his mind and doesn’t worry about being politically correctgo back and say he’s not endorsing anyone

In other PC news, Justin Moore has hit the nail on the head. He says the more you try to be politically correct the better the chance of it backfiring and getting you in trouble.

Celebrity Birthdays July 30:
Arnold Schwarzenegger 69
Lisa Kudrow 53

Celebrity Birthdays July 31:
JK Rowling 51
Mark Cuban 58
Zac Brown 38

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