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It was a good day yesterday for Louisiana’s own Peyton Manning while Cam Newton was reduced to one word answers after Denver’s defense made short work of the Panthers’ offense. The Broncos won Super Bowl 50 with a score of 24 to 10 and Denver’s Von Miller won the MVP award which is fitting since he caused the two fumbles that set up their two touchdowns. Two interesting take aways from last night’s game? If the Bronco’s wouldn’t have had that last touchdown, they would’ve been the first team to win a Super Bowl without an offensive touchdown. Also, Peyton Manning is the first starting quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl with two different teams. In case you’re wondering, that other team for Peyton was the Colts.

Kung Fu Panda 3 won the box office again this weekend with $21 million while pretty much all of the other new movies tanked. Hail, Caesar only made $11.4 million, the new Nicholas Sparks adaptation The Choice brought in $6.1 million and Pride and Prejudice and Zombie eeked out $5.2 million. What do you expect? It was a Mardi Gras and Super Bowl weekend!

Dang! Could you imagine getting a gift bag like this?!?!? If you go to the Oscars, the gift bag is worth $200,000! The gift bags include a ‘toy’ for women, luxury toilet paper and something called a ‘vampire breast lift.’

Celebrity Birthdays February 8:
Seth Green 42
Big Show 44
Nick Nolte 75

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