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Those two sneaky kids!!! Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux      got hitched Wednesday at their home in Bel Air… Even their wedding guests were surprised… They thought they were going to a birthday party for Justin. So who was there? Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow from Friends, Chelsea Handler, Jason Bateman, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi and more!

If this is true, it’s GROSS! I can’t help but think of our friends the Robertsons… I’ve gotta wonder if this can even actually happen! The National Enquirer is saying that Leonardo DiCaprio’s beard is infested with fleas and his friends are starting to give him grief about it. What the heck? If he has fleas in his beard, wouldn’t he have them in his hair? A source is saying, "Everyone's begging him to have the beard professionally washed every day, and a few of us have picked him up some flea powder!" Who comes up with this stuff?!?!?

Last night was the final night after a 16-year-run for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show and even Bill O’Reilly wrote a note of appreciation for his long term nemesis. Even though he talked a lot of trash about Arby’s, the fast food chain thanked him and Conan O’Brian, Patton Oswalt, Jerry Seinfeld and more paid tribute.

Luke Bryan pretty much took over Twitter yesterday during an 8-hour campaign where he performed custom songs for his fans including Willie Robertson, Lionel Richie and even Little Big Town. He also sang some good ones about how much he hates emojis, getting your wisdom teeth removed and another in the highest pitch he could manage.

In other Luke Bryan news, he’s partnered with Yankee Candle and he has his own scent… apparently it’s some kind of vanilla bourbon concoction

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Charlize Theron
David Duchovny

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Shawn Mendes
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The Edge
Mel Tillis
Scott Stapp
Drew Lachey

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Anna Kendrick
Deion Sanders
Michael Kors
Sam Elliot
Jessica Capshaw
Melanie Griffith
Kevin McKidd
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