If you've been affected by flooding or are currently being affected by rising water the state is extending a helping hand to you. If you and your family are in need of groceries and food the state is extending emergency benefits via the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.  This is more commonly referred to as SNAP.

If your family does not normally receive benefits from the SNAP program you are encouraged to pre-register for the DSNAP program. This program is specifically designed to help those families who are of low income or who need help buying groceries during a time of disaster.

Beginning this morning (8/16) at 7 AM you may pre-register for the program by calling this number,1-888-LA-HELP-U ( 1-888-524-3578). The phone line will be live each day from 7 AM until 7 PM.

If you have access to a computer and the internet you may use the Department of Children and Family Services website to pre-register.

All pre-registrants will have to provide the following information:

  • Name, Social Security Number and Date of Birth for each household member
  • Current address and parish of household
  • Monthly income for each household member
  • All liquid assets for each household member (cash on hand, checking, savings)

Should you pre-register online and have further questions they should be addressed by calling the phone number listed above.


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