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Let's start off by agreeing on a few facts.

Fact Number One - COVID-19 has been one of, if not the most, devastating events to ever hit America. Most all of us know someone who has been hit by this awful illness and some of us have actually lost someone to it.

Fact Number Two - We are quickly rebounding from COVID here in Louisiana. In fact, the number of new COVID cases has dropped by over 75 percent since mid-January.

Fact Number Three - Louisiana is actually number one in the country in getting vaccinations done correctly. However, Governor John Bel Edwards has stated that Louisiana's vaccination campaign is going well and is our ticket out of the pandemic, but until most of the population has been vaccinated, the virus continues to be a major threat.

Fact Number Four - Both Texas and Mississippi have lifted their mask mandates

Fact Number Five - Governor Edwards says Louisiana's mask mandate will not be lifted any time soon. Citing the lifting of the mandate in Texas and Mississippi and its replacement with a suggestion, Edwards says, “If you tell people ok, we are going to remove the mask mandate but then you also say we strongly encourage you to keep wearing the mask, they don’t hear the second part.”

Can we agree on all the facts above? I mean, they really aren't debatable. These are items of certainty. Now, let's hit the areas of uncertainty.

Governor Edwards made this comment on his radio address, “When you hit the ball you have to run all the way through the base and we are not at first base yet. We have got to run all the way through, get people vaccinated as quickly as we can and slow the transmission.”

We aren't even at first base yet? So, just how long of a run is this baseline anyway? And if we aren't even at first base, what do we have to do to get to second?

While the "mandate" will continue, just how "mandated" is it? I see people in nearly every store I shop, without masks. So, are the mask police going to start writing tickets for violations?

I guess I'm just very confused and unable to see the big picture. But I think that's somewhat understandable. I don't even know how long the first base line is.

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