Governor John Bel Edwards is continuing his pledge to end the regular legislative session early to take up fiscal matters that are pressing.

Testifying in a rare Sunday meeting of the senate finance committee Edwards again urged early dismissal.

“So I continue to believe we should bring this session to an early close, move into a fiscal session, address the fiscal cliff, pass a balanced budget that is responsible,” says Edwards.

Edwards says lawmakers need to be open minded so the billion dollar hole in the budget can be filled.

“And when we do that you’re going to see the state do well for a very long time to come and I remain flexible on how we fix it I do not remain flexible on whether we fix it and I’m asking you to work with me to get the job done,” Edwards testified.

Republican leadership says they are in favor of a special session because the numbers don’t quite add up.

“Because if we are going into a special session we need to know exactly how much money or how much revenue is needed and go from there.” says Lance Harris R-Alexandria.

Harris says they have been working overtime in anticipation of the session ending early.

“What were doing is working as hard as we can to hear every bill so if we need to end early we can,” says Harris.

No word yet on Edwards will put out the order for the special session to convene.


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