Recently around our office many people have been trying ear candling, which if you aren't familiar is a popular trend where you remove ear wax using a candle. The idea is the lit candle uses heat to pull your ear wax out of your ear and trap it in the candle. Many people claim it works miracles and you can even see the wax afterwards, or at least that's what they think is going on.

According to the website WebMD who specialize in health and technology not only does ear candling not work it's dangerous for you to try. WebMD refers to a study "found there was no suction force whatsoever during a candling procedure. The temperatures produced by the candle were below body temperature, far too low to melt the wax."

This leads me to believe that basically ear candling doesn't pull anything out of your ear so that wax you find after using it is from the actual candle melting. This is potentially dangerous because with the wax dripping down if it dripped into your ear you could get burned inside your ear causing major problems. But don't take my word for it below I  have found a video of a trained professional discussing ear candling.

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