Still no idea who Dustin Lynch is singing about. Is it perhaps Ozzy Osbournes daughter who the rumors keep flying about? Dustin Lynch just teased us with a new single called "Good Girl". We love when a man appreciates the good girl he has.  "I got it good girl ‘Cause I got myself a good girl I still can’t believe I found you Can’t imagine life without you I could take you home to mama Take you to the church right down the street Yeah you up and took my whole world And made it so good girl."

Remember when Kelly Osborne and Dustin Lynch met at Stagecoach in 2016 and then they let all the rumors fly regarding their relationship status? The "couple" couldn't keep well enough alone and they teased us even more in April of 2017, so if they could just go ahead and come out and tell us that the song "Good Girl" is about Kelly Osborne?

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