Things got a bit wild during Brad Paisley’s Weekend Warrior Tour date in Nashville on Friday night (April 6). Like, really wild, in an animal sense!

Opener Dustin Lynch had decided he wanted to give Paisley a nice gift as a thank-you for having him on tour. Instead of something boring like, say, a nice bottle of wine or something, Lynch decided on...a baby goat.

While the two were performing Paisley's 2008 tune “I’m Still a Guy,” Lynch brought out the little critter on a leash. And during the line, “I might walk your sissy dog," he handed over the leash to Paisley.

"In my opinion Brad Paisley is one of the greatest of all time," Lynch explained to the crowd—and to the dumbfounded-looking Paisley, who stroked the animal's head in confusion. "He is one of the G.O.A.T.s of country music. So Brad, I got you a goat!"

Lynch even informed Paisley that his new little kid came complete with a name. She's "Telly," which is short for one of Paisley's favorite things, a Telecaster guitar.

"I’ll be on Youtube later reading how you take care of a goat," joked Paisley, noting that he had no choice but to bring the animal home, lest his young sons catch wind of the news.

He wasn't joking about that. The next day, his wife Kimberly posted a plea on Instagram:

Oh Dustin, you're b-a-a-a-a-d!

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