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Hi, I'm Gary and I'm a "Deer-A-Holic."  Well, I am, and I really don't want to recover from it.  I'd like to think that when I die, someone will have to come pull my old, camouflaged, doe in estrus smelling body, out of a box stand somewhere here in Northwest Louisiana.

And with times like they are, I can't think of a better place to "socially distance" than sitting alone on a frosty morning in that wooden box with a cup of coffee, a package of powdered donuts and my deer rifle.

See, dove season, the annual start to hunting season, is set to begin the first Saturday of September. That means we're only about 5 weeks out from the start of another "annual divorce" for me and so many like myself.

Then, on October 1, it's on like Donkey Kong! It'll be archery season for whitetail deer here in Area 2 of Northwest Louisiana, and there's only one thing tougher to deal with than the heat and mosquitoes around here, and that would be to allow a single day of hunting season to go by and me not do anything about it. I mean, it's a celebration and every day deserves our undivided attention.

That's why, every weekend from September through January, I try to hang with all the guys at my deer camp.  But there are times I wonder just what type of guys I'm spending so much of my life with.  I'm betting they look at me and feel the same.

Well it looks like our friends from Dude Perfect have perfectly identified some of the key members of every deer and duck camp.

You'll love "Buy It All Bob", "The Noob", and "Safety Orange Sammy." If you're a hunter yourself, no matter who you are or where you hunt, you've run across one of these hunting stereotypes that make the rest of us question the validity of our sport.

Course they also give us plenty to talk about as we hang around the campfire late in the evening, so thank you for that.

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