Any interview that begins with a prayer for its success probably won't result in a smooth interaction, and that stood true when WGNA radio host Nick Kessler sat down to talk with rising country star Drake White.

Now, before discrediting Kessler's talent as a professional journalist, he is doing everything he can to ensure that White is going through his worst interview ever, in the most hilarious way possible for viewers to enjoy.

To start the slew of awkward moments off, Kessler challenges the "Livin' the Dream" singer to a competition on who can name the most types of ways to prepare shrimp, all because of Forrest Gump. If you think that doesn't make sense, you're absolutely right, and you can tell by his facial expression, White feels the same way.

And what is more cringe-worthy than seriously pitching potential business models that are so obviously horrible? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

"I have a business idea," Kessler announces. "Like if you bought a dilapidated house off the express way and charged people to throw rocks, at the house, like five dollars a rock."

White is a good sport about it, though, and doesn't completely shut down the idea.

"We are crazy Americans," he comments. "I've seen people do stupider things."

The interview continues with the important questions, involving topics such as preferences of realness, President William Taft in a bathtub and fighting dinosaurs. No one is really sure how to do that.

In the highlight of awkwardness, Kessler shuts down White's suggestion of sharing a story about his name because there wasn't enough time. Ouch.

We highly suggest you watch the video if you're in need of a good laugh, because once again Kessler delivers on his promise of putting White through his worst interview ever.

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