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The COVID-19 numbers are not good in Northwest Louisiana. In fact, Dr. G.E. Ghali the Chancellor at LSU Health Shreveport says the positivity rate in our area is “unacceptable”.

LSU Health has three labs that process tests and there is clear evidence the virus is spreading across our region. Dr. Ghali does say test results show the virus has been contained at local nursing homes. He says “the positivity rate is somewhere between 12 and 15%, which is much higher than it needs to be.

He connects the spread to "too many people gathering in groups and some folks not wanting to wear a mask."Dr. Ghali says the numbers are increasing in the younger populations. KEEL News asked Dr. Ghali why and he says it has a lot to do with "coronavirus fatigue".  He says people are tired of dealing with this and in some cases are not wearing masks and are gathering at social events.

It can be tough, being stuck at home with nothing to do. It's clear that the people going through this fatigue are not just tired of feeling stuck, but they miss their family members that may be high-risk and can't be visited. Plus, many people's habits and hobbies have been cut off, and social places like bars and music venues have been put on hold after having a small glimmer of them opening for a short time. In fact, the Governor recently said that bars may not reopen to the public until after there is a vaccine or fully tested treatment for the virus.

This virus doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. And we're still waiting to see how school will work out in the fall. There are a lot of questions surrounding the decisions of the governor and it looks like we're going to have to practice patience just a while longer before we have it all figured out.

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