In the market for a pup? These guys could use a good home.

It's been eight months since I brought my little Oliver home. I love him so much, but honestly I couldn't see myself having more than just him. He can be a handful sometimes. So it blows my mind that one person in Arkansas, at one point, was responsible for dozens of dachshunds.

47 dachshunds to be exact.

I know. According to WJHG, a man living in Arkansas had acquired 47 dachshunds. Unfortunately he became to ill to take proper care of them (I couldn't do it with a B-12 shot!) and they were soon rescued from the situation. Residents contacted Alaqua Animal Refuge and Save Underdogs and notified them of the situation. Not wanting these dogs to go to a kill shelter, they jumped in immediately.

Now these dogs are in Florida waiting to be adopted.

With 47 to choose from, we're sure you can find one (or twelve) who are perfect for you. You can contact Alaqua here. Save Underdogs has stopped accepting applications due to the overwhelming interest.

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