I Love Seeing Dogs Sing-Along to Music.

If there is a video of a dog hearing a song and it's singing and howling along to the music I have to stop what I am doing and watch the performance. Those are some of my favorite videos. I love seeing dogs howl along, however, I have never seen a dog actually sing along to a song.

Who Broke This Doggies Heart?

There is a pitbull on TikTok that has captured my heart and I just want to take him and ask him who broke his heart. One of my favorite songs to slow dance to is "Tenessee Whiskey", the Chris Stapleton version. I can't help but sing along every time it comes on. It's forever one of my favorites. This pup has the same instinct as I do.

Have You Ever Wondered What Louis Armstrong Would Sound Like Singing Along to Chris Stapleton?

Wonder no more. I can't be the only one who is hearing Louis Armstrong come through this doggies voice right?

@q.strong Replying to @leeducks Is it just me or does the hat make him sound more like Chris? @Chris Stapleton #fyp #foryoupage #bulldog #chrisstapleton #tennesseewhiskey #texas #viral #follow #trending #dogsoftiktok #soul ♬ original sound - Quies Strong

@q.strong This has become part of the morning routine 😂😂 #fyp #foryoupage #americanbulllly #bulldog #viral #dogsoftiktok #blues #tennesseewhiskey #chrisstapleton #texas #follow #singing #trending #trendingsong ♬ original sound - Quies Strong

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