It's not even been open a full week yet, but KEEL News has learned a small dog has died as a result of an attack by other dogs at the park.

An eyewitness says within 10 minutes of arriving at the park, he witnessed 3-4 large mixed breed dogs attack a small dog. The larger dogs apparently picked up the dog like a chew toy and they began fighting over him. The bigger dogs which looked German Shepherds carried the small dog about 50 feet before people yelled and ran after the big dogs and got the little dog out of one of their mouths.

The witness says the smaller dog was crying so loudly, you could hear her from 200 feet away. The owners were told by others in the park to take her to a vet asap because she probably had internal injuries. 

One witness also says children took the small dog into the large dog section while the mother of the children stayed in the car.

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