If you've lived in the Shreveport or Bossier City for any amount of time, you've heard a few things about Barksdale Air Force Base. Of course you've heard about the Barksdale Bubble, but you've probably heard stories about the base being haunted.

There are tons of stories about various hauntings around the base. But they're not flimsy one-off campfire tales. These stories have actually been published by an official government site. According to those stories, here's what can be expected at Barksale:

"...at night, Airmen who work in the building have reported hearing footsteps in empty hallways and the crash of doors slamming shut with no earthly explanation. The wing's public affair's staff has become so familiar with these spooky occurrences that they have named the building's ghost 'Clarence."

Not only that, but apparently the Base Exchange and Commissary was actually built on top of the old Stonewall Cemetery.

All of this haunted history might be what has led to this photo posted onto Facebook. After storms this weekend, a tree reportedly went down on the base. When local resident Amanda Mann got this picture of the damage from Deana Ruiz, it wasn't the fallen tree that spooked her as much as what else came out in the picture.

See her post here...

Did you catch that? On the right of the screen, just under the wiper blade...does that look like part of a person? Or at least...half of one?

Take a closer look at a zoom in of the picture. It does appear to show a pair of legs, waist, and maybe some hands...

Amanda Mann via Facebook.com/Canva
Amanda Mann via Facebook.com/Canva

So what's happening here? Is this a ghost of the base's past, or is this just some kind of weird reflection of lights through mud and rain? Is this a camera trick, or an apparition? We'll probably never know the truth, but this one should be filed into the mix of Barksdale Air Force Base haunting stories.

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