Apparently in the south we swear by this "shoo fly" method.

In the last couple of weeks I have rediscovered Pinterest. I was super into Pinterest when I was getting married and when my husband and I were settling into our first home together. I forgot how much I love this app. Not only does it open up great ideas for crafting and DIY, but I find it inspirational as well. Of course, that's what any good "pin board" does.

Then I stumbled across the "Baggie and Penny" method.

This is apparently something that people do to keep the flies away. I have never tried it and don't believe it works, but then again hanging a plastic owl from your roof keeps other birds away, so I guess I shouldn't judge. The idea behind the Baggie and Penny method is to fill a Ziploc sandwich bag with water and drop in a few pennies. Seal the bag and hang it somewhere on your porch or in an area where you don't want flies (so pretty much everywhere on God's green earth).

This supposedly keeps flies away?

There are several pins on Pinterest that swear this works. Some claim it is the reflection of the water and pennies that makes flies second guess approaching. Others don't question why it works for fear of jinxing it. Many hang the bag in and around doorways or around patio furniture.

What do you think? Does it work?

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