In case you've been in a Pokeball for the last week, Pokemon GO has taken over the country.

Men and women of all ages are current;y reliving their childhood with a new app that gives you a chance to catch em all. The app, Pokemon GO, launched in the US last week, and didn't take long to become the most downloaded app in the country.

The game itself is quite different than the old Pokemon games we all know and love.

This game uses your exact location and uses the area you are actually in as the game's landscape. It's kinda like a constant GPS system, that allows you to find and capture Pokemon around you. That means that if you want your Pokemon GO character to go somewhere, you physically have to walk or drive to that destination. Of course, just walking in your backyard won't do the trick, you've got to get out and about to find Pokemon.

For instance, water Pokemon can be found around the lakes in our area or when we're experiencing rain, electric Pokemon are found near transforming stations and during thunderstorms. fire Pokemon are found at gas stations and during sunny days, ghost Pokemon are found at night, and normal Pokemon are found in urban areas.

It's truly a remarkable game that gets you active while touching on the heartstrings of your childhood.

With one week of play-time down, I'm interested in finding the strongest Pokemon in Shreveport to date. Of course, I don't have time to walk around and find it myself, so I'm counting on you to submit your own!

Do you have the strongest Pokemon in Shreveport? Submit a screenshot of your Pokedex below and we'll post the winners on Wednesday, July 13th!


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