According to Fox News, The custodians at Disney World have let the secret out about the code word they use to inform staff about a much needed cleanup of the ashen remains. Seriously, this has become such an issue they had to create a code word! That is crazy.

Apparently this is a normal thing for people to scatter family and friends ashes while on rides and at different attractions around the park. The most popular place to scatter a loved one's ashes is the Haunted Mansion.

To be honest I can understand why someone would want their ashes to be scattered at Disney. It is the happiest place on earth after all. I just hate that they just throw away the ashes after they are scattered. I think what Disney should do is have a designated garden where people may scatter their loved ones. They can plant beautiful flowers and have a plaque that honors those who have chosen to pick Disney as their final resting place.

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