Millions of Americans have already received their stimulus checks from the federal government, but millions more people are still waiting; now comes discussion about a second round of checks. says discussions continue after Representative Tim Ryan and Representative Ro Khanna have expressed their views that every American should get more money while the corona virus pandemic continues. Other lawmakers have discussed similar ideas according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a champion for another round of stimulus money. reports that the Ryan/Khanna plan would include money every month for people for the next six month or unless there is a significant drop in unemployment.

For people trying to make the rent and still waiting on their first stimulus check, they may not feel like there is hope that any more money will come their way. Officials from the Federal Trade Commission and local Better Business Bureaus are also reminding people that scammers are trying a variety of different methods to take your money.

The Ryan/Khanna proposal would allow less stringent guidelines to qualify for the money:

  • You must make $130,000 or less ($260,000 for couples)
  • You have to be over 16
  • If you're in high school, college or have a disability you could qualify
  • If you have children, you would receive $500 per child

All this would add up to a price tag that is estimated to be around $4 trillion dollars.

There is no official word yet on what Congress will decide, but depending on the circumstances, there is still a good chance that more money could be coming your way. The U.S. Senate gets back to work today, but that House is not scheduled to come back until next week.


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