This week, Gary and Bristol have your tickets to see Daryle Singletary tomorrow, Friday, July 8, 2016 at the Stage at Silverstar with Ticket Trivia!

I thought we'd never get an answer this morning, but Christi Kennedy ended up winning because she knew the answer... Ketchup!

So what was the question? This item found in your refrigerator was originally sold as a medicine… What?

We didn't need any clues to get the answer this morning because Christi says Google is her best friend. Some of the guesses before finally crowning our winner ranged from baking soda, to Coca-Cola, Worcester sauce, mustard and even mayonnaise!

I had to do some Googling of my own, because I couldn't figure out how ketchup was used as a medicine. It turns out that a doctor back in the 1930's made tomato pills thinking they would cure everything from diarrhea, jaundice and indigestion... which is pretty funny because it gives me terrible acid!

Congrats Christi and make sure you're listening tomorrow morning for your final chance to win!

Here's a little taste of what you'll get tomorrow night at The Stage!

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