I found Seven “Cyber Monday” Shopping Strategies. (I think I remember hearing in high school English class once that alliteration helps recall!) Even though Cyber Monday is over (boo!), I think this checklist is probably good for just about ANY time you want to shop from home…in your skivvies. So get on your shopping face and study up!

1 Sign up with CASH BACK sites. Needs no explanation, I think…then …

2 Find their discount codes!

3 Follow your favorite retailers’ electronic trail through Facebook, Twitter or your other favorite social media. You might get special coupon codes others won’t….THEN

4 Comparison shop! Just because a store says it has the low price doesn’t mean it’s true, ya know?

5 Trust your instinct. If its SOUNDS or looks to good to be true, it likely is.

6 Pay with a CREDIT CARD…yeah! It gives you a route to dispute if you don’t get what the merchant said you’d get. Yup, what about identity and banking info theft? Most REPUTALBE retailers (see #5) have “state of the art” 128-bit-encrypted security in place. Nah, I don't really understand it either; I understand it enough to know it means it's trustworthy and a tough nut to crack/hack. Go ahead and enter that plastic info with a high degree of confidence. Yeah, some absent minded clerk COULD misplace a netbook/notebook computer or flash drive. It's been known to happen.  But remember: Online financial transactions are generally safe and secure.

7 REMEMBER THE SHIPPING! Check the merchant’s site FIRST for shipping before you even shop. You can also check a site named free shipping dot org for free shipping codes from nearly 4,000 stores.  Note The Estimated Delivery date/time. So, will it get to you by Christmas? Be vigilant; the merchant might charge you more for shipping than you save…

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