Craving some crawfish? Want to know the price of crawfish down in south Louisiana before you make the trip? Now there's an App for that. It's called "The Crawfish Guy".

The Crawfish Guy is an iPhone App and Web Based application that displays information on the availability and pricing of Louisiana Crawfish. This application is meant to give you the most accurate and detailed information available on the web for Louisiana's best known resource, MUDBUGS!

Anyone visiting the website or iPhone app will be able to find Crawfish in many various ways including by zip code, radius, availability, size, and price. There are three main options when searching for Crawfish on The Crawfish Guy; Boiled, Live and Packaged Tailmeat. The website and app will then pull information via IP address or GPS location which will then generate a list that will provide the requested information.

The application looks to only promote Louisiana Crawfish in an effort to not only make the buying experience a better one, but to produce a higher demand on Crawfish which will help the local State economy in many different ways.

The website and app will increase the visibility of restaurants and retailers who sell and market Louisiana Crawfish. It also creates a very affordable marketing option for local businesses to take advantage of when trying to reach consumers.

Ultimately, the website and app looks to give the us more options to satisfy our needs of eating Louisiana's most vital resource; The Crawfish. Embrace the app and support local businesses by purchasing seafood and Crawfish from the great State of Louisiana.

Wow! What a great idea! Now, why didn't I think of that?

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