When this guy got lit, he really got lit.

Check out this seriously WTF footage of a man in New York City strung out on crack walking down the street after setting himself on fire.

There are so many odd things going on here. First, THERE'S A DUDE ON FIRE!!! You see a lot of things in New York City, but even this is a rarity.

Second, he doesn't appear to be distressed whatsoever. People who get paper cuts or step on iPhone chargers or, you know, roll over in bed show more emotion.

Third, no one tries to help him. If you saw someone burning like a log at a campfire, wouldn't you do something -- anything -- to help other than record the moment for posterity and a shot at viral fame?

According to the New York Daily News, 18-year-old Ziearre Flowers shot the footage last month. "The man lit himself on fire," Flowers' mother said. "I thought it was a tree burning. It was a small fire at first. I came to realize it was actually a man on fire.”

By the time authorities were summoned, the man had vanished. Firefighters discovered his identity the next day, but have not made it public.

The man reportedly went home and slept it off like he'd had a bad hangover without telling any of his relatives what happened. When he woke up the next morning, everyone was stunned because he was charred like a terrible Thanksgiving turkey. He then admitted he accidentally set himself on fire with his lighter while he was smoking crack.

He was finally taken to the hospital where, at last check, he was in stable condition. We're no medical professional, but we say once he's released, those relatives may want to check into an intervention.

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