It Is Considered One of the Most Haunted Spots in Texas And With Good Reason.

You have probably heard all the hair-raising stories about the historical hotel. My friends are quick to share all the eerie stories however none have been brave enough to stay there. Maybe it's because of the scary videos and stories that have been shared over the years. The historical Jefferson Hotel is a stop I will never make.

Last Year I Saw a Video That Left Me Wondering Could This Be the Most Haunted Room at the Historical Jefferson Hotel?

In short two guests checked into Jefferson Hotel's Room 17, only to be so spooked they left the room by 1:00 a.m. A foggy mirror is what made the couple freak out and leave in the middle of the night. The couple saw a message on the bathroom mirror that said "you must leave".

At First, the Couple Staying in Room 17 Brushed It Off.

The couple wiped the message off of the mirror and thought it was a message left by someone else who stayed there before them, however, another message appeared that said "Get Out. The couple didn't waste time and they left the hotel in a hurry. You can see the YouTube video below.

Although Room 17 Has the Latest Scary Video, the Most Haunted Room in Texas is the Haunted Bride Room.

The Haunted Bride Room is also known as Room 19. It is an upstairs room that is only 200 square feet and it has 1 Full Bed. It is probably the most famous haunted room in East Texas, remember the tale of the bride who hung herself because her husband-to-be didn't show up to the wedding? Oh yes, this is the exact room she hung herself in. It is said that she still resides with the antique bed.

Google Street View, CANVA
Google Street View, CANVA


For $169.99 you can find out if she still hangs around. No pun intended.

You'll Spot Something Eerie Hanging in the Room.

Yes, that is an antique wedding dress hanging in the room, I can't imagine trying to sleep in that room just knowing the history behind the room and seeing a wedding dress just staring back at you.

If You Are Brave Enough, You Can Book Your Stay By Clicking Here., Google Maps, Google Maps

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