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Sadly, the UNLV football team is not good this year. They're currently 0-4, and won't get a chance at their first win this weekend due to a COVID pause in their program. But the program is in rebuilding mode, so the expectations weren't unreasonably high this season.

First time Head Coach Marcus Arroyo took over the program last December, and doesn't even have a team full of his own recruits right now. But what he does have is the highest rated transfer in school history on his roster. That weapon is former Parkway Panther Justin Rogers.

The UNLV program is pretty excited to have Rogers, especially if you check out his player profile on the team's site. They make sure to mention a lot about the fact that he was one of the top recruits in the country at Parkway. Which they absolutely should brag on by the way, because it's all true.

However that hasn't translated into Rogers taking over as the starting quarterback...yet.

UNLV has been relying on senior quarterback Max Gilliam to be their starter through the first four games, but that hasn't translated to wins, and Gilliam's stats haven't been jumping off the box score.

But in UNLV's last game against San Jose State, Rogers' appearance in the game sparked the UNLV offense. During his first drive at QB, Rogers was 4/4 with a touchdown pass, which got UNLV within 7 points.

Rogers' next drive was basically in the two minute drill before half time, and he wasn't able to get things rolling. He ended the half with 57 passing yards and a touchdown.

In the second half, Rogers was able to lead UNLV on a 90 yard touchdown drive, which brought the team within 7 points again, 24-17. However, he was eventually replaced again by Gilliam at quarterback, and the team lost 34-17.

Rogers ended the game going 12/18 for 162 passing yards and a touchdown. Those numbers were better than Gilliam's for the night. Gilliam ended the night 7/10 for 62 yards.

So now UNLV's Arroyo has a decision to make, Rogers or Gilliam as the starter? We probably would have an answer to that by now, but with the Colorado State game being canceled, we'll probably have to wait another week.


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