A new after school program is gaining a lot of attention. The program is called The After School Satan Club. According to KTBS, they intend to educate kids on evolution, rationalism, and free inquiry, and will have nothing to do with religion or the devil.

Credit: Chip Somodevilla / Staff

News sources reports the organization that created the after school program, The Satanic Temple, is seeking school district approval in the following cities: Atlanta, Detroit, Washington, Portland, Oregon, Tacoma, Washington, Salt Lake City, Tucson, Arizona, Los Angeles, San Carcos, San Antonio, and Austin.

With three out of the fourteen cities being in Texas, do you think this after school program will be making it's way to Louisiana?

We have reached out to the Bossier and Caddo Parish schools. We have not gotten information from Caddo Parrish. However, Bossier Parish says that they have not been in contact with The Satanic Temple.

In the picture below is Lanzifer Longinus, he is the director of the San Marcos Chapter of The Satanic Temple.

Lanzifer Longinus

Longinus says that the after school program emphasizes a scientific, rationalist, non-superstitious world view.

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