Not even our Louisiana Lottery is safe from COVID-19.

Nothing is safe from the Coronavirus outbreak, not even our lottery. Like many businesses throughout our state (and country), the Louisiana Lottery has taken a financial hit as our communities alter the way they live.

Louisiana Lottery spokesperson Kim Chopin says, for example, their March 11th Powerball Wednesday night drawing generated 265,000 dollars, “this past Wednesday’s draw on the 25th, sales were 200,000 dollars. So that’s a 65 thousand dollar hit on a single day in terms of what would normally be expected,” says Chopin.

Also, for lottery players, the governor’s order to close all state offices includes lotto offices. That means, if you were to win the lotto through Louisiana Lottery, you won't be able to claim your money.

On the national scale, for the first time in recent memory, the base Powerball prize will be lowered by $20 Million. Generally, when the Powerball resets, it sets at $40 Million but will reset down to $20 Million once a new winner claims the winning ticket.

Also, until the Lotto offices reopen, scratch-offs will not be produced or sent to retailers, so get your scratch-offs while you can.

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