For years motorists who cross the Jimmie Davis Bridge that connects Caddo and Bossier parish over the Red River have known the bridge's days were numbered and that another bridge in the area was a must.

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Work Was Scheduled To Start In 2016

Residents were told in January of 2016 that a project to refurbish the bridge would be delayed due to birds nesting under the bridge.  Shift the calendar to June of 2021 and motorists were advised that the bridge would be replaced due to its deteriorating condition.

We Went Down The Yellow Brick Road Again In 2022

Then again in March of 2022, citizens were led to believe that work would soon begin to replace, repair or reconfigure the Jimmie Davis Bridge and that Louisiana had dedicated $150 million for the project.  To date, we're unaware of any work moving forward to this end.

A New Player Entered The Game In 2021

However, in August of 2021, a new player with a new idea stepped up to the plate.  That's when residents were informed by the Bossier Parish Police Jury that an Alabama based company, Tim James, Inc. had proposed to build a privately funded roadway between Flournoy Lucas Rd. in Caddo Parish and U.S. Highway 71.

Bossier Parish Police Jury
Bossier Parish Police Jury

This alternative idea would include a new toll bridge to cross Red River and connect the southern ends of Caddo and Bossier Parish. Customers would only pay to cross the toll bridge. This proposal is an alternative route and does not replace any of the free roads and bridges located in Caddo and Bossier parishes.

It's Looking Like This Could Really Happen

It would appear as though this alternative route is now one step closer to becoming a reality.  In a report from KTBS, we learn that Tim James, Inc. (TJI) is currently seeking the required permits for the bridge and roadway project and Tim James, Sr. says, "We are confident that we will be awarded our permits and that we will begin construction in 2024.  We will work hand in glove with each parish, the LaDOTD, other governmental agencies and stakeholders during the design, development and construction of this project."

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