Of course, after seeing a headline like that, you're either thinking that this guy has lost his mind, OR you're high-fiving yourself because you've believed that Chuck E. Cheese has been doing this for years.

Let's just put it out there. For quite some time, some have believed that Chuck E. Cheese recycles pizza. (Just like a lot us KNOW that all the uneaten chips at a Mexican restaurant, wind up on someone else's table a little later.) The accusation in Chuck E. Cheese's case is that employees will return uneaten pizzas to the kitchen, where they are all placed together, reheated, and then served once again.

Conspiracy theorists suggest that the evidence is in how lots of pizzas appear. Sometimes they have slices of all different lengths, some of the cuts don't go straight across the pizza, the pizzas aren't perfect circles and on the rare occasion, half a pepperoni just disappears on a cut.

In an effort to actually debunk the conspiracy, YouTube star Shane Dawson, went to Chuck E. Cheese to make this video, but after filming, actually reinforced his belief that Chuck E. Cheese is recycling the pizzas.  He ordered a total of three pizzas, and to the credit of his belief, they all really do like they're different pizzas that have been crammed together.  (Careful as you view this video as THERE IS PROFANITY)

Well, of course, Chuck E. Cheese is totally denying this claim. In fact, a spokesperson has stated "The claims made in this video . . . are unequivocally false."

So why are their pizzas all deformed? "We prepare our dough fresh in restaurant, which means they're not always perfectly uniform in shape."

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